Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Rajyothsava

Contrary to my prediction more than a year ago, The Gowda Dynasty, what with all the switching sides faster than (insert funny simile here), has recently performed a political ejaculatio praecox which undoubtedly marks the end to their regime within a couple of years, whatever be the outcome of the current turmoil. Its open declaration of "Balls to promises, we're just not done swallowing the state coffers yet" attitude has given more weight to my argument that democracy is a farce.

A person who has been the Prime Minister of the country is expected to consider such bitter squabbles not worthy of his attention unless its due to:
a) The onset of senility, which comes rather early to politicians.
b) He forgot to spank a particular Ex-Chief Minister in his childhood.

Both plausible reasons, but still, I see no alternatives, nor hope for a better solution. No elections means that Yedi, who was last seen begging on streets for justice, would pound on what's left of my tax contributions like an unfed mongrel for the next 2 years or so. Elections would require of the Congress to put up someone much more charming than the dead pan Dharam Singh, who has fewer facial expressions than Himesh Reshammiya's behind.

Yet another year has passed as Karnataka celebrates its Rajyothsava today. The roads are still bad, software engineers still complain and I'm still single. As always, the government is to blame.


Rajat said...

"...He forgot to spank..." - ROTFL

I hope an election is held. I would rather not let this game of combinatorics continue. The only combo left now is Cong-BJP - that would be killer - imagine Yedi becoming CM and Kharge becoming Dy CM.

"...than the dead pan Dharam Singh, who..." - LOL. 2 birds with one shot :-)

peeleraja said...

jei...dont u read times of india anymore? its not yedi...its yeddy now :)

Lalbadshah said...

@rajat: ;)

@peeleraja: Yeah dude. Read it in the papers. Yedi/Yeddy .. what difference does it make?