Sunday, October 14, 2007


As I exhibit appalling levels of gluttony while feasting on Sheer Khorma, Katheeragun Sherbet, Biryani and other assorted delicacies, here's wishing you and your family..

Eid Mubarak!!

For the uninitiated, Eid marks the end of Ramzan, which is a month where all Muslims observe fasting and practice constraint and control in every human tendency such as hunger, thought, speech and actions. The Prophet once said that a man who can control the two troublesome muscles, one between his lips and the other between his legs, is worth much respect. The first, I tried my best. As for the latter, I didn't have to try too hard. See? There are advantages of being 23 and Single.


Rajat said...

Heh. Belated wishes for Eid.

Aditya said...

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