Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Influencers of Insanity

I've discussed my opinions on patriotism here and with several of my friends before. Watching the entire Kasab episode on national television everyday reinforces my belief that what usually seem as the best principles to embrace are what usually influence insanity among humans. Insanity, in this context, is depicted by the breach of the fundamental right to exist.

Kasab was brainwashed by a political power who sees economic benefit in fueling instability. Constant inflows of funds to fight terrorism actually strengthen a fighting machine bent on capturing back a land it feels it is entitled to. American soldiers are brainwashed into killing recklessly in order to 'restore peace' by powers with vested interests in oil.

In one case, a man is asked to fire in the name of Islam. In another, he fires in the name of his country. In both cases they know very little about why they do it. They follow orders. It's not as easy to just risk your life for another person's whims, hence God and Motherland are called upon to emotionally blind logic.

Can we do without both?

Since patriotism is used by every other nation, it simply has to be accepted as a necessary evil to balance order. A deterrent. Like nuclear stockpiles. "You have madmen who will die for lines defined by you, well so do I!". Face it, we need an army. Not a very well paid one, but emotionally charged nevertheless. Can't work any other way. A party aspiring for national power calls upon it's people to love it. A party seeking Mumbaikar votes seeks hatred towards all outsiders as a polarizing factor.

As for religious extremism, well that needs to be and can be curtailed. By ignoring ignorance. Understanding that it, like patriotism, is used by men interested in retention of power. As an emotional trigger. It is not the source. By understanding that no bloody religion calls for random holy wars on innocents. By accepting the the LeT kills to claim an independent piece of land and has no actual interest in spreading any faith by force. Stop publishing ridiculous articles on 'Muslim terrorists' and calling their acts as 'Jihad' and you'll make it easier for the 1.5 billion strong Muslim population, minus the few thousand dumbasses with guns, to fight by your side.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spank Spank

41 year old wife of very rich industrialist. Runs in to celebrate victory of battle won by slaves bought by rich hubby. A slave really good at spinning his weapons (all possible puns intended) grabs butt and lifts her up. Witnesses galore.

Something happens after that battle.

Wifey conspicuously absent in the next and final battle. Very funny it is.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know you're down and out when you google for inspirational quotes.

PS: They don't work.