Monday, February 18, 2013

For the worse..

The past year hasn't been easy. I was back in India in April and by now, I have already asked myself several times as to how good an idea it was. To strive and to have educated myself to be ahead of the curve.

The future seems more bleak. Corruption, rapes and Climatic changes seem to be staring in your face with no remorse. The wrong are seen as right and the right - they just watch. Assholes are bosses and sycophants follow on. Our government seems more shameless than ever, but no country on earth can claim to be clean anyway. People are more pretentious these days than they are plain stupid. Noone has a healthy life anymore.

5 years ago, if someone had asked me "whats up?", I would have a list of things to talk about, none of them concerning my employment. But today, working 6 days a week, I have nothing else but to say that work is hectic and how I have no time for anything else. My body screams for rest on Sundays. I haven't played any physical sport in the last one year nor have I blogged.

I don't know if growing up has made me bitter or the world has indeed morphed so rapidly into an ugly monster. What I do know is that I am bitter and I am no longer the same guy who posted on this blog almost 7-8 years ago. I want to be, but I am unable to type anything but complaints. I truly hope to god that this is a phase that will pass.