Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Anyone who has read Bangalore/Delhi/Bombay Times as much as I have will swear by the sumptuous visual treat on every square inch. It will always be the first thing I read every morning as I wake up. Just when you would think that everything if perfect and beautiful with this world, your eyes come to a screeching halt at Page 3.

It is indeed a shock, not a very nice one at that, to see that amongst people who deserve worship, like Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Mallika Sherewat we suddenly find pictures (on the same piece of paper!!!) of Vicky Malhotra, Rita, Tina, Anita and the very respectable RajuwipemyA&*$ at ease in a party organized by another famous Mrs. Whozatfatso*%$#$!

Please try to understand my predicament. I am not against promotion of any kind as long as I can avoid it. Precious advertising space worth thousands is wasted on the travails of DJ Ben who 'rocked the party!'. Ya, great, so? What a powerful tool like the media really needs to know, is that there definitely more pressing issues that deserve more publicity than these people. As for the promotion of our 'celebs' there are more suitable mediums like magazines such as 'Society' (Do people even read that?) or even 'Dummies guide to Famous Dog Races', but not this.

All I'm trying to say is that newspapers are sacred stuff. They need to contain issues that at least 30% of the population should relate to. Some papers do have target audiences and some do entertain, which is perfectly fine. Just don't throw at me pictures of guests at Uppi Dada's Birthday party, ok?!