Thursday, December 27, 2007


Simply loved this one:
If the person who actually created this lands here, please pass your source link so I can give credits.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There is a this very new feeling about being 24 that 23 wasn't. A world layered with chaos seems to be more uniform.. uniformly full of chaos that is. Ideals are fading as my concerns now circle closer to me. It all makes sense with my span of vision cut short.

The sense, is this: While Noah had his storm and Anne Frank had a Nation, I have a barrier of the colossal human ineptitude. It's a fair enough arena I guess. You know you don't belong here, but there is little left to explain. Accept the bloody dual offered and jump in. Resistance is futile.

On the other hand I could still be the victim of a superiority complex. I don't make sense to you, do I? I'm 24. Just wait till you see me 25.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Scent of the lesser evil

I never really trusted Saudi Arabia to truly represent Islam, but this is the closest to dilapidation that it can get. According to Islam (ahem), an unmarried woman is not allowed to accompany a man alone who is not a close family member or her husband. So obviously, Saudi Arabia, being an Islamic country, claims it upheld the laws of the Sharia while allowing the rape to simply pass by as an inevitable mishap and direct result of such an outrage of morals. The rapists walk free. Disgusted, are you? I doubt.

Truth be told, too often have we seen acts of the lesser evil being placed under the axe while the larger crimes pass by us right under our nose, to be surprised. Small time fry lie behind bars while the bigger fish rule countries. Paintings are being banned while female labourers still carry bricks during pregnancy for the lack of options. Why?

The lesser evil has a stench. It's new to us, sometimes at least, we recognize it and we don't like it. So we give all that we have to clean it. A perfume spray on the skin to hide the fact that the source of the stench still remains. The dirt which is all over us. That is a part of us, within us. So closely have we been bonded with the greater evil, so vastly has it creeped into our system that all we can do is ignore it, if not like it.

So I will pay my bribe of 100 bucks for my passport verification because I have to, but will fight for the one rupee change that the auto driver refuses to give, because I have to. Pass on the deodorant.

PS: This happens to be my 100th post on Lalbadshah's Domain. Yay!
By the way, I learnt this new smiley that I've started to use very often. _|_ . Cool eh?