Saturday, December 18, 2010

Of Dreams

I’m currently in a small town called Sifwe in upcountry Ghana. I’m supposed to be learning the buying model for cocoa in this country and see what I can implement in Cote d’Ivoire. But really it’s just me whiling time till the political impasse in IVC comes to a better solution than direct conflict. The situation on ground there is tense with the entire international community watching closely the acid test for democracy. An important moment for a continent that is slowly losing grip on the dream for a rule of the people.

In a more absurd dream, last night I was walking around in my company’s office in Ghana in shorts and looking for the twin brother of my boss from my previous company, who works here apparently. And he asks me to stay in Ghana for good but I say I can’t discuss this now. I have to attend a play in 5 minutes where I have an important but not the lead role. For which I clearly hadn’t rehearsed enough.

Incredible waves of WTFness greeted me at waking up on the following morning, my first as a 27 year old. An Indian Electronics Engineer, who was coding in Java and J2EE three years ago in his hometown and who had never stepped out of his country till six months ago, now dreaming in the middle of Africa.

Speaking of dreams, I strongly recommend Neil Gaimon’s Sandman. A brilliant Graphic Novel series, like most of Gaimon’s, it lifts from various myths and legends in a modern context spinning tales around the Endless God of Dreams, Morpheus.