Thursday, November 08, 2007

A difference

Annie Zaidi writes about growing up as an Indian Muslim. As I read it, I saw the story of my own life unfold on the screen and I'm quite sure that I'm the only one to feel so.

I've noticed that these things happen to you at the most unlikely times by the most unexpected people.

My English lecturer in Christ College, during Std.12 once caught me looking in another direction. He asked me to stand up and tell my name.
"Full Name?"
"Mohammed Ali."
"Mohammed Ali Jinnah, right?"

I can't remember the faces of most people in my class. But that incident, that man, that question, I will never forget. Precisely the reason why we need to stop inheriting bullshit.

Do read Annie's post. It's beautiful.
(Came across the link at IndiaUncut.)

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Tarun R said...

I read the Annie Zaidi acticle. Brilliantly written. Period. Thanks for pointing me to this piece.