Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fraud Correlations

I have this thing for figuring out stuff which seemingly has a strong correlation but might not be causal after getting acquanted to Regression Analysis during my MBA. Some of them are:

- Bong and Mallu chicks are known to be hot. Both belong to commie states.

- AIDS has increased at a rapid rate in India and so has Karan Johar's financial reach.

- Random multiple bombings. Presence of IIMs in these cities.

- My departure from bangalore. Increase in female suicide rates in Bangalore.

Any more that you can think of? Do comment..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Review - The Dark Knight

Why so serious?

I went. I watched. I was floored.

Never before has the conflict within Batman been depicted so starkly on the big screen. Never before has the Batpod looked cooler. Most importantly, never ever before has The Joker appeared scarier.

One has to admit that in spite of Christian Bale's freezing stare and the mind numbing action pieces, Heath Ledger as The Clown Prince of Crime takes the cake. His portrayal of the absolute unadulterated evil bordering on sheer brilliance is what leaves you shaken after the movie. It also leaves you sad that you would not be able to see more of him in the future movies.

The plot is rapid, barely giving you time to breath. It revolves around the emergence of The Joker as the kingpin of Gotham underground and that of Harvey Dent as the upright DA who stands by his principles till they leave him scarred for life.

This movie goes beyond the regular conflict of good and evil. It actually explores their coexistence. The joker at one point says, "You complete me" which I believe is true. I mean, admit it - apart from the Joker, none of the bat villians have really been upto the mark except Ras Al Ghul to a certain extent maybe. True good needs true evil to compliment it and that part has been best explained in this film. Kudos to Chris Nolan for pure genius and for taking this movie enterprise to a whole new level. Gonna be hard to beat this one.

The only setbacks in this movie are that the plot goes a bit too fast sometimes to get a grip of, and is perhaps a tad bit too long.

All said and done, this is clearly the best movie this season has had to offer this year. Go watch it.

Rating: 9/10

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've Realised

.. that in an industrialised civilsation where you crib about rising fuel prices damaging your stock portfolio, an old man will still cycle you around Hazratganj in Lucknow at a constant rate of Rs. 20 only because you will not pay him more.

.. that some people try really hard. They sometimes even get what they tried for. But I will never know whether I despise them for trying or for actually getting it.

.. that managers can survive by only impressing or die trying. All the highs of your life are reduced to bullet points on your CV.

.. that a desert cooler is nothing but a big fan with water droplets being sprinkled from behind.

.. that sometimes the annoying pestering of your parents is all you want and need.

.. that somehow hostel life as a 24 year old is simply not the same as compared to when you were 19.

.. that I've left clothes to soak in the bucket for more than a day.. and they don't smell too good.

.. that come what may, we'll always be L.