Friday, March 16, 2007

Democracy is a Farce.

Yes. Because in today's context, it is democracy that makes the state of Tamil Nadu swing both sides with a nullifying effect . I read Amit Verma's post on Democracy and Free Markets but I feel that such logic can be applied to all forms of government. It is democracy that forms a protective cocoon for hierarchical hegemony in Karnataka aka The Gowda Dynasty. Please don't mistake me for a communist, I strongly believe Socialism is the biggest lie man created to gain power.

But for now, I'd like to comment on Democracy.

It's by now very obvious why people would like to remain in politics. Power is addictive. It's the cause of 10 additional posts in the police force every year because the seniormost commissioner refuses to resign. Hence the chief objective of any person assuming this power would be to make sure that he keeps it. So instead of concentrating on his duties, he would be busy all through his tenure siphoning off enough to buy his way back in the next elections and drowning the opposition in scams. Most senior level misisters have enough money. If these people had the assurance that their power would remain for days to come, they probably would have concentrated more upon their duties. Although elections are supposed to be the actual deterrent for leaders to perform so that they don't lose their power, in a corrupt atmosphere, a public appraisal is the last thing on their mind. Revolutions only bring temporal imbalance in this power struggle only to replace a more corrupt power back in place. Dynasties are synonymous with complacence.

The solution? None. Giving powerful people unlimited power as against continuing the existing system would simply establish a Catch 22 situation. 'Cause power corrupts. So what can we do? Nothing. And it's not a big deal really. It's always been this way. That is why we shall ceaselessly write and blog about how were getting screwed without realizing that we've always been screwed. Since the age of the advent of society we've been screwed. So just shut the f**k up, stop protesting and get back to your desks 'cos you're screwed anyway.


Anonymous said...

the problem with democracy is that even if everyone votes, the 51% of the idiots are going to win.

on an aside, good luck with the test next week.

-- pradyot

Pollyanna said...

I agree. Democracy is a farce. Power is for those who can buy it.

Lalbadshah said...

@pradyot: The numbers are probably more complex but yeah, end results are the same.

And Thanks!

@pollyanna: right.