Friday, December 01, 2006

Lit Junta

As most of my friends know, I love profiling people (Example: This, this and this). Character profiling if you would call it, but it is this hobby that gives me reason to believe that higher questions like 'What is life?' don't need to be answered.

This brings me to the most interesting set of people that I have known : Lit Junta. The absolute crap that this title brings with it can be measured by how silly 'Literary Junta' sounds (try saying it ten times 'I belong to the Literary Junta'). This is a breed of self proclaimed uber-intellectuals who lay claim to the right to being worshiped for their prowess to give five synonyms to every English word on our humble planet. Yes, they have read more books on alternative literature than you, listened to Pink Floyd more than you, Kafka is part of their staple diet and with all probability, you will find them postulating as to how Hindi Music died with R. D. Burman (with all due respects).

They expect women to burst into orgasms at the very mention of Goethe.
Lit Junta Alpha male: " To be or not to be.."
Dream girl of Lit Junta: "Oooh.. true! Size doesn't matter! Give me Hamlet!!!"

Lit Junta have a penchant to do things differently. Sharing the opinion of the masses is an insult, so they will go the extent of saying that the economic imbalance of the South East Asian region is due paradoxical existentialism. Just like that. 'Cos it's different. They refuse to read bestsellers to such an extent: you can bet your soul that any critic of 'The Da Vinci Code' is Lit Junta. This is part of their affirmative action where they need to prove their point, not by writing books that sell, but by complaining about the lack of a modern day Homer.

I Plan to write more on this, but first let me go read some more Freud.


Jeevan Ramakrishna said...

What hipocrate! arent you the one who claimed has participated in "National level DC" ?

Lalbadshah said...

Dude! be logical. DC has absolutely no relation with Lit activities! Quiz maybe.. but definitely not DC and you know that.

Safari Al said...

Can i start attempting to laugh at the last line or is al still trying to finish freud(which by the way is BS)?

Kafka...! thoo...give me archer anyday!

Pollyanna said...

You are obsessed!

Anonymous said...

machchaaaa...check out this maajjar film...borat...national level stuff :)