Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So Damn Cool

The phrase ‘So Damn Cool’ now has a new meaning in my friends’ and my own vocabulary. It stands for everything that WE think is a bit overdone, overacted, artificial, wannabe, outrageously corny, excsessively cool or simply so damn cool. This sentiment has increasingly become the most popular topic of discussion when we meet for lunch, dinner or even over a game of pool. So much, that most of the people who hear us have found it almost nauseating.

Gossip has always been the most popular pastime since the inception of speech. A globally accepted fact though widely rejected by the connoisseurs of good conduct.

But even others in favor of this despicable act have warned of the consequences when gossip becomes more of an analysis of every other person you know or who passes by you. Limits to the observation of a person’s behaviour, which do not concern you in any way, have never been defined. Hence, noone can actually object to such limits being breached. It’s a free world after all.

This leads me to a new idea… that the acid test of ‘so damn coolness’ is applicable to the ‘expert’ group too, ie. Us. Why do we categorize people so? What exactly is it that we find so different in people that we think exceeds what a normal person should have? Are we cool or raher un-cool enough?

The most plausible explanation woud be that we have set ourselves as the benchmark of ‘never too excessive’ and gauge every one in comparison with this standard. Which leads me to two possible conclusions: we are either at the lowest rung in the ‘cool’ rating to find everyone ‘so damn’ or, if not, there are other people who consider us so damn cool. Both of these come down hard on my self-esteem and Boy! That hurts! Ergo, I have stopped seeking explanations.

This is not an act of redemption and it definitely does not mark the end of the era of So Damnness. This, is simply my point of view on the whole issue which has seemed to bother too many people. There are different ways of expressing the way you feel about things you detest and maybe even the things you wished you could do. This is probably just our way of underlining OUR freedom of expression.

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M said...

I'm guessing it is a question of individual perception. What in NITK seems to be referred as "yo".