Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Death of the Individual?

There are several occasions where I have found myself desperately searching for a hero/model/ideal to look upto. Perfectly normal I guess. Everyone does.

What pisses me off is that fact that I know too many people who deify these role models to such an extent that they mould their frame of mind and attenuate their thought process to blend into that image. They stop thinking. They only believe. A belief that while some actions are justified, others can never be forgiven. They look at people as sets of properties/talents/resources. Those who fit in the image of their demi-gods(or themselves) are the ones they will consider discussing their borrowed thoughts with. "Stereotype and Reject" is their motto. Their points of view are suddenly facts and those of others are fiction.

The level of arroganceof the slave/god here surpasses any ordinary sense of superiority. These guys have a constant snicker going on inside represented by a perpetual smirk on their face. Bah!

I've come close to becoming 'these' people on several occasions and maybe I have. But each such occurrence makes me even more resolute about my convictions.

Well I do have a few words for these suckers : Get a life. Form opinions. Don't borrow them. Noone is perfect. And you definitely are NOT. At the same time, just because someone is not your ideal, he is NOT just another loser capable of nothing. Avoid being so predictable. If something impresses you, be inspired.. don't fuckin try to copy!!


Anonymous said...

"stereotype and reject" isnt it what you are doing here?think about it.

Lalbadshah said...


But im not stereotyping these people based on my own unique set ideals which I have either 'emulated' from someone or generated on my own. Originality and Individualism are universal concepts that everone wants to achieve and these people do not. You can't blame me of stereotyping anyone here as much as you cant blame people stereotyping the average ground level political party worker or another irate Rajkumar fan.

Think about it.

BTW, drop the anonymity, no use. I have an IP address tracker( which, at the bare minimum, at least tells which company network was used to comment) plus a knack of identifying people from their statements. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Originality and Individualism are universal concepts that everone wants to achieve and these people do not" stereotyping again!!
unique or non unique set of ideals.its still stereotyping.
and am not using the guise of anonymous to make any snide remarks besides was just making a valid point, so it makes no difference to me as well as u whether i reveal myself or not.IP Address tracker, man u rock
"plus a knack of identifying people from their statements."ROTFL. too damn good.

Lalbadshah said...

read carefully.. I DID accept that I was stereotyping people.. but the grounds are different. Think abt it man.

Im sure you wouldnt want to change your opinion no matter what I say as maybe your objective/intention of criticizing the post would be lost if you even partially agree to what I have to say. Frankly, I dont care. I just hope you would take the time to reflect on the fact that maybe you are one of those people who i mentioned in the blog, who simply cant accept opinions coming from someone they dont consider worhty consulting.

And abt tracking you, I meant to convey that I have a fairly good idea of who you are. Nice to know I entertained you in the process :).

I can't recall who said this but i love this line :
“Every man is a fool in some man's opinion”
Very apt here eh?

Anonymous said...

I think this anonymous has 'applied thought' albeit in a convenient way!He has chosen just two words-'stereotype' and 'reject' to summarize the blog.Probably,the next time lalbadshah should just say 'stereotype' and scores of people would apply thier thought and latch onto the general idea that he wants to convey!!
And,Lalbadshah-to think that you would resort to ip tracker to track and defend your ideas from anonymous comments(coming from known junta ;)),dude,you should get a life!!
You wont need an iptracker this time!

peeleraja said...

great thread...reminds me of V block forum :'(

Venu said...

Wow, I wish I knew such people. It would be fun arguing with them. Are these people who pissed you off krecians? free to answer or not answer this question.

..attenuate their thought process..
I think you meant attune here. Ok, so sorry for acting like a smartass. ;-)

Lalbadshah said...

@ bappi : lol.. OSO ki jai!

@funk : yes.. only thing missing is peeleraja.

@venu : trust me man.. u HAVE met these people. They are all over the place!! and btw I did mean 'attenuate' in the sense :To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree
hmm.. is it a grammatical error?

Venu said...

hmm, well, I have generally met people with strong opinions, but I cant recall anyone with such specific characteristics (They look at people as sets of properties/talents/resources. etc, etc.)

..I did mean 'attenuate'.. you were talking about 'moulding' frames of mind in the original sentence, so attune would have fit in better. Also, 'attenuate' indicates quantitative change, rather than qualitative, and thought processes cant have intensities or magnitudes, because they are processes and not signals etc.

Lalbadshah said...
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Lalbadshah said...

You have met them... Im quite sure.

Your point (although a typical annoying smartass comment like u said ;) ) has been taken and i accept that 'maybe' attune would have been a 'better' word.. but i'll still say attenuate is not out of context here and hence it stays.. partly as an effort to salvage my ego :) !

Jeez! What an argument to have :p!

Venu said...