Monday, December 11, 2006


Quick ones on the las three movies I have seen:

The Departed - 9/10
It's been a while since I have seen such a brilliant movie with direction that deserves a standing ovation. Matt Damon and DiCaprio rise to the occasion to steal the limelight from an out-of-form Jack Nicholson. A fast paced narrative packed with surprises and a great musical score to keep the pulse racing will ensure that this is one movie which you won't forget that easily.
Leonardo deserves a special mention for his efforts which, having been on the rise with 'The Aviator' and 'Catch me if you Can', made me respect him even more. The plot revolves around two young men, a cop and a gangster loyal, who infiltrate the other camp and their inevitable clash. Must Watch.

Update: Discovered this brilliant song after watching this movie:
I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys

Casino Royale 7/10
Not bad at all. I really didn't expect Daniel Craig to fit in the Bond Image, but he did sufficient justice to the role and added a new touch of realism to it. The story itself isn't the usual stunt caper but more of a background on James Bond and his origins as a double O.
I really liked the way the movie started. No clich├ęd extraordinary action sequence, but a rather terse dialogue in a black and white background made me actually sit up and take notice. Eva Green looks gorgeous without make-up and isn't all that bad but somehow leaves much to be desired. No gadgets and more suspense make this an interesting watch.

Dhoom 2: 3/10
One point for Hrithik. One point for cool gadgets which are way above regular Hindi action flicks. One point for Uday Chopra's dreams, particularly the Baywatch one.

Music: sucks
Plot: What?
Bipasha: Still trying to figure out what her role in the movie was.
Uday Chopra's character(Ali) and his 'Why Munmmy?' rant: *$&^&%*%^*^& *&%E^#$^##
Aishwarya: Pretty hot till she open's her mouth.. as most of my friends would agree.

Overall: Not even worth paying for the pirated CD. Watch Dhoom again.


M said...

Too many movies.

Pilfering Pennyworth said...

dude if you liked the departed then you must watch mou-gaan-dou(infernal affairs)-the original...kicks scorsese's vanilla ass big time!!! said...

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Rajat said...

Finally watched Dhoom 2 today. Mind-blowing ;-).