Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's in the papers!

Lalbadshah is a stud. We now have evidence. I was featured in The Sunday Times (Bangalore Edition on page 12). Needless to say, me being a humble citizen and all, turned around the conversation which was primarily intended to be between me and the cute journalist, into a general chat about Mensa.

Here's a pic from the article. Feed on the glory of my image, infidels! Yes Yes! Hah! Fame, Power, Money! It will all be mine! *evil Calvinesque laugh*

Watch carefully as I exude charm and confidence while the cute journalist (not seen in the pic) is already swaying due to a certain weakness in the knees. Everyone around me is evidently mesmerised. The very next minute they all bow down and worship me, including the cameraman, which is why there is no photographic evidence for the same. You have to take my word for it. Which you will.

Also note the brilliant product placement of my 'Volga' helmet(certified by ISI and in good shape since 1999) which has been strategically positioned so as to prove my endorsement of safe riding and help troubled teenagers as a better role model to admire and emulate rather than a gay looking topless Shah Rukh Khan.

(Link to the page that carries the article here.)


grammar nazi said...

A few suggestions:

Needless to say, [me <-- should be 'I'], being a humble citizen and all, turned [around<-- remove this word] the conversation [, <-- inset a a comma here] which was primarily intended to be between me and the cute journalist, into a general chat about Mensa.

Look out for more corrections later - when the ego is capable of handling it.

tangled said...

All hail irony!
I suppose I should have previewed the comment before posting it. What the hey. Nobody else cares about the grammar anyhow.

Nanga Fakir said...

Ah...Al's getting famous and all! Finally.

Lalbadshah said...

@grammar nazi/tangledtee/same shit:
I am a free man of the free countries. I do not and will not be pushed by your silly grammar checks no matter how many orgasms are denied to you in the process. I will, however, tell you this: TV soap titles do not make "What the hey" legitimate. WTF, on the other hand, is widely considered more acceptable.

Lalbadshah said...

@nangafakir: Dude! I always was. Only now, like I said, we have evidence. :D

tangled said...

Dear "free man of the free countries", freedom means I can point fingers as much as I want to. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Kold Koffee said...

hi m sorry 4 d extremely late reply but this is with regard 2 my post.

surely i see myself a lot wiser 10 years from now. v shall all make regrettable mistakes but heck, they r still gonna b 'our' mistakes.

like i always say, life's a bitch, but she's mine!

interesting blog posts!


Smokin Joe said...


Jello said...

Someone's gonna get laid in Bangalore soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I read every other article on that page except that one!

Arvind said...

i ignored this whole post. :D

Lalbadshah said...

@tangled: Oh they are in a bunch. Where are yours?

@kold koffee: Yeah. life's a bitch.
And Thank you! :)

@smokin joe: Get a new line.

@jello: You think? I don't. :P

@anon: It happens. It's excruciatingly easy to ignore me.

@arvind: Dude. Stop being jealous. You too might become famous some day.. If you hang around me for long enough ;)