Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IRONMAN 2 - Review

The makers of Ironman 2 had no delusions about what made the first movie click. While the creative ways of introducing the costume and action sequences are not as bad, Robert Downey Jr. yet again steals the show with an excellent performance of the eccentric and narcissistic Tony Stark.

Perhaps what makes a difference is also the fact that Tony Stark loves his costume. So much, that he wouldn't dream of not showing off to the world who he is, rather than sulking behind mansions suffering from daddy issues. The wit is good. It keeps the movie light helping it maintain a pace that Dark Knight missed out on. Well, to each their own.

Mickey Rourke, playing Ivan Vankov, the son of a corrupt soviet scientist who worked with Howard Stark, is disappointing. Firstly, the plot is too weak when it comes to him. His reason for the expressed desire for vengeance is rather silly. He seems to sleepwalk throughout his scenes. Which is surprising especially after some really good performances in The Wrestler and Sin City. He apparently, is making it very clear that the producers haven't paid him too well for this one.

The other downside I see in the script is the lack of creativity among the bad guys. I do not see the necessity in having the negative characters of both movies don a metallic armour. With a glowing generator stuck to the chest. Not when plenty of other Marvel characters were available.

Anyhow, it's a decent watch. I recommend.


Thumbelina said...

Rumour has it that Stark is modelled on Larry E :D He had a cameo too, if you noticed.

VIP said...

i kinda liked rourke in the movie.. he had an authentic russian sort of look.. :) plus the baby don resemblance! :D