Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fraud Correlations

I have this thing for figuring out stuff which seemingly has a strong correlation but might not be causal after getting acquanted to Regression Analysis during my MBA. Some of them are:

- Bong and Mallu chicks are known to be hot. Both belong to commie states.

- AIDS has increased at a rapid rate in India and so has Karan Johar's financial reach.

- Random multiple bombings. Presence of IIMs in these cities.

- My departure from bangalore. Increase in female suicide rates in Bangalore.

Any more that you can think of? Do comment..


dailyrium said...

u better stay away from the mallu babes :P

Ajith said...

"Bong and Mallu chicks are known to be hot" - Not in IIM context atleast :)

Jello said...

Mallu chicks are hot??
the grass is always greener on the other side..

Lyn said...

:) i have two words for you pal!!


Lalbadshah said...

@dailyrium: says who again?

@ajith: u never know :D

@jello: dude..u miss out on the best by being a part of it.

@lyn: indeed!

Sameer said...

Another wierd co-relation -
reading of your posts and relative increase in amount of laughs I get

BTW, thing about Mallu babes - mallu and babes dont quite go together. Nothing personal though :)