Thursday, August 09, 2007

What I wanted

Hordes run down.
In multitudes they swarm.
But I, looked all the time
at the path less trodden.
Would be cool they said.
A bored programmer,
pummeling the skies in a 747.
0.8 mach. As fast as they get these days.
A strict medical test.
A mildly defective gene.
A hundred colour vision tests.
We're not so sure they said.
We know you're ok
but need substantial evidence.
Substantially evident assholes.
I'm not so disappointed I think
As long as you had a shot,
You've lived just that longer.
But it was your dream you tell me
Great people have said the same,
Follow your dreams.

In the end, perhaps I mixed up my dreams..
Maybe I didn't really want to be a pilot.
Maybe... Just maybe..
I simply wanted to fly.
Maybe someday I will.

For those of you who haven't heard, yes I tried to change professions. Went through a series of medical tests and discovered that I'm mildly colour blind. Genetic defect. It's still under accepted limits but this small thing is making me go mad conducting tests for senile Air Force doctors. Seems like I'm fighting a losing battle. It's still not over though and I really wonder why.


Vandana said...

Writing that must have been as good as talking to a shrink about it. What's the word, catharsis? :-)_

Venu said...

Whoa.. had no clue you were trying such a radical switch.. good luck man!

Lalbadshah said...

@vandana: Catharsis.. Maybe.

@venu: Thanks man! But doubt the switch will come through. But plenty of switches on the switchboard to switch to, eh?
Ok. Bad Joke. :P

deeprouted said...

hang in there buddy!