Monday, August 20, 2007


Eagerly awaiting the release of these movies. That is, unless they all die a premature death as have most other ambitious Comic-to-Movie projects. Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd would be most interesting.

Tickets for Transformers lie in my wallet. Tomorrow's show. Review will be posted. I promise.

I don't know how many of you have heard of 'The Wheel of Time' series. What with all the Harry Potter hype that tramples over the now fading glory of the LOTR series, this is a must read. It is quite obvious where J.K. Rowling gets her inspiration from and at the same time you cannot ignore the the influence of Tolkien's works in the series. The difference being, the plot is way more complex. The characters are much more detailed and a lot more human than in the other two series but yet never slow enough for you to take a break. I'm already into the second book in the series of 11 and counting. Start on it asap if you're a HP and LOTR fan.

I hear rumours in my office that we're all to soon shift from our current location, prime of Hosur road and 100 mts from Forum to Sarjapur road by next month. That makes my travel from home to work extend from 2kms to 10kms. Curse them bastards! There is a meeting now with a 'General' agenda where I will be told of this blasphemy. Officially. I wonder if they realize that almost every time we know whatever is to be announced in these meetings. Damn!


Shashank said...

Moving to Sarjapur?! When da? Sad man-that PBC-OTP work culture was too good...

Lalbadshah said...

Ya da.. life is going to be painful!