Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Come back Smriti Irani!

But she won't. Burnt, battered, poisoned and "cancer"ed , she had withstood all mortal attacks to survive in Shantiniketan, but alas, Smriti Zubin Irani is no longer Tulsi Veerani (shit! it rhymes! ). She has been replaced. How? Plastic Surgery. Obviously.

One major flaw that the producers made was to assume that it's the character that people like and it doesn't matter who portrays it. After donning the role of Tulsi for 7 years there has been a very strong association between Smriti and Tulsi in the minds of its audience. Too strong for Gautami Kapoor to even come close. The fallout between Ekta and Smriti is going to cost Balaji Telefilms a lot in terms of TRP.

Why do I root for Smriti you ask? I hate Tulsi! She has represented everything I would never marry, beget or be begotten from. Baharati Nari?! Balls! Every time I go back home from work and see her on screen, it kind of gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can hate someone without a single iota of guilt. This hatred for Tulsi, subconsciously, had trickled down to Smriti Irani and hence I hated everything associated with her. Now that she is gone, where do I release my pent up hatred?

I hate you Smriti! Come back please!


Safari Al said...

You go back home and see KSBKBT? Al, indeed you must be leading a sad life!

Safari Al said...

Or alternatively you are a house-wife!

Lalbadshah said...

Dude! I don't lead a sad life. Just that there's only one TV at home and I lose to the vox populi!