Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fell on black days

A series of unfortunate events if you may call it. Starting with my discovery that I'm partially/mildly colour blind for no apparent fault of mine. Genetic 'defect'. Yeah. So I really can't paint those culture-offending paintings that were long pending on my itinerary of things to do to piss off the world. Most people don't get offended by offending paintings in bad colour combinations. I think so.

This was followed by my 'Relocation' at work. Someone in my company hit on this brilliant brainwave that moving a whole set of people from one side of the floor to the other would go a long way in enhancing the employee-manager reporting relationship. Although conspiracy theories have been floated hinting at some important folks being too lazy to walk a few extra meters to the other side as the actual reason, I have currently no evidence confirming to the same. But Shit Happens. So I move from a brilliantly concealing cubicle with a pillar blocking prying eyes from my Youtube/Stumble 2.0 activities to a place right in the line of fire/sight.

That's alright. Bad luck.

Then I lose my cellphone. That too at a time, like every other time, when I was completely dependent on its efficiency to connect me to higher altars of My Career Deciders. I lose it followed by it being stolen from wherever it was lost. And I do not have a back up of my contact list. No, I don't have a diary, screw you too. Hence ensued a string of curses hurled at my unknown phone thief more or less asking God to screw his future sex life and I told him that the Pun was intended. But my story doesn't end there. I was delighted that I can retain my number so I immediately get a new SIM card after blocking outgoing calls from my older one. But some incomprehensibly moronic orangutan from the Airtel customer service blocked my new SIM card too. Sounds familiar? I doubt.

More exciting things are in store I'm sure. Am currently practicing my enactment of 'THIS IS SPAARTAAAA!!!' scene upon an unsuspecting fellow around me for tension relieving purposes. Wish me luck.

I sure dont mind a change
But I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate.


Pollyanna said...


Rajat said...


I guess the Airtel guys thought they were being smart when they blocked the new card - "Look, the dumb thief is trying to use the phone. Take that you moron."

Vandana said...

I can empathise - While I wasn't relocated, the (relative) peace of my bay is now history... itz a fish market now,5 people, instead of the previous 3. Sob Sob.

Anamika Anyone said...

Nice blog. Love the 'V for Vendetta' backdrop. Are you just as controversial as V? :)

Sorry about your bad day. I thought I had bad days, but you've opened my eyes.

Lalbadshah said...

@Pollyanna: :(

@Rajat: lol.. ya da.. dumb f**kers they all are.

@vandana: Trust me. This is worse. You have a brilliant location in a corner on the floor. You've seen my new place?

@Anamika: Only hope to be as controversial.
Guess everyone has their dog-days.

Varun Sadana said...

I sympathize my 2-deep-fukin-interview-scheduler! Long live ur cell number! <-- cause i may need it to swear at u later!