Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New year!

No resolutions. No great targets. Generally shitting in my pants 'cos I don't seem to have a 'plan B' in life. Scary huh?

Got pumped in CAT! :(
Still no plan B!


Nidhi & Balaji said...

Happy New Year!!! Can you please repost your last comment on my blog? Lost it...

Rajat said...

The wait for January 6th, eh? :-)

Happy New Year. And best of luck.

Lalbadshah said...

Thank you! Happy new yr to you too!
Have re-posted the comment.

@rajat: No need to wait.. results out.. got fucked! :(

Pollyanna said...

'sok. I'm sure you'll find Plans B, C and even E soon enough. :-)

Jello said...

if u have a plan B.. let me know

jeevan said...

Plan B... Plan B... you have a good job you ^&*% %&&, chill. Jello, what are you talking about ...Mr. 710!

Lalbadshah said...

@pollyanna: Thanks! Im on my way there.. ;)

@jello and jeevan: boys, here's plan B: Balls to MBA, Balls to software, join maams, go to Himalayas, start some Adventure club. Heard it pays a lot.. and chicks dig it! :D
what say?