Monday, August 28, 2006

Death, a Poem and a History Lost

Maut to ek kavitaa hai,
mujhse ek kavita ka vada hai milegi mujhko,
doobti nabzon mein jab dard ko neend aane lage.
zard sa chehra lekar jab chaand ufaq tak pahunche,
din abhi paani mein ho, raat kinaare ke kareeb,
na andhera na ujaala ho, na abhi raat na din.
jism jab khatm ho aur rooh ko jab saans aaye,
mujhse ek kavita ka waada hai milegi mujhko.
- From the movie 'Anand' .

Roughly Translated as:

Death is but a poem,
And I have a promise from a poem that I would meet her.
While pain sleeps in slowly sinking veins,
and a scar faced moon reaches its peak..
While the day is yet in the waters and the night at the shores,
It would be neither too dark nor bright, not yet day nor night,
When the body ends and the soul breathes its first,
I have a promise from a poem that I will meet her.

The fantastic thing about Hrishikesh Mukherjee was that most of his movies were about the ordinary Indian in an ordinary day to day life facing extraordinary circumstances and this made his genre of movies very endearing to the masses. A genre that is lost today in exaggerated grandiloquence, designer clothes and NY locales.

Anand was probably the one movie which brought the biggest lump in my throat while watching Rajesh Khanna smile in the face of death. Milee, Golmaal and Chupke Chupke had a pristine sense of humour and Abhimaan was a brilliant musical that doesn't lose its authenticity on the silver screen.

Now that Hrishi da is gone, I wonder if the newer generation would even know that such fantastic movies were ever made. I belong to a generation that has watched these movies at the behest of my parents whose time these movies belong to. Would movie goers 20 years later ever know there was something called Eastman color? Would they know about Guru Dutt? Will they ever see the beautiful faces of Waheeda Rehman and Madhubala in black and white? Or is it our duty to make sure they do?

I believe we all act as historians in all aspects of life. Our views, opinions, memories and biases are a legacy that has been given to us for refinement and preservation. It will be given to those willing to listen in due course of time.
So I shall speak of the passing of a Legend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blog Mania!

Was bored to death at work and hence started this exercise in blog-statistics:

On :

Keywords entered ----------- Number of results

reservation india OBC ------- 3,158
mallika sherawat ------- 6,039
blogs ban india ------- 12,658
india sex ------- 130,508
Arjun Singh ------- 7,596
terrorism ------- 868,264
terrorism in india ------- 44,177
Bin Laden ------- 280,755
viagra ------- 440,419
Mahatma Gandhi ------- 32,269
George Bush ------- 492
Angelina Jolie ------- 293,809
Shah rukh ------- 23,234
nihilism ------- 27,396
libertarianism ------- 14,924
multiple orgasm ------- 32,362
greenpeace ------- 69,020
threesome ------- 354,093
virginity ------- 172,145
9/11 ------- 868,125
Fountainhead ------- 16,782
kamasutra ------- 28,502
Sigmund Freud ------- 30,860
Sonia Gandhi ------- 12,160
Monica Lewinsky ------- 14,183
implants ------- 300,128
Picasso ------- 126,528
Communism ------- 130,811
Communalism ------- 2,471
Lesbian ------- 1,639,241
Gay ------- 10,666,095

The verdict:
Sex rules. The average blogger writes about philosophy, terrorism and Angelina Jolie quite often. The Kamasutra isn't as popular as we thought it would be. Women are highly anxious to get implants and men love it. We rather write about multiple orgasms than worry about George Bush. Picasso is the only artist most people have heard of and they write too much about him. Too many people wrote about reservations with absolutely no results. Most men prefer threesomes (with two men or women? that I don't know) and most of them rely on viagra. Global terrorism isn't only about Kashmir. Mahatma Gandhi hasn't yet been forgotton. Indians prefer writing about sex to actually doing it. There are more gays than we thought there were while others fantasize about lesbians.

PS: The above verdict is mine and mine alone. I merely want to share it with fellow bloggers and have no intention of imposing it on anyone nor does any of it have to be necessarily true. So, up yours.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yeah I know.. too much Pearl Jam.. but then again.. so what?
Dunno why, but I can't stop listening to this song non-stop for the last couple of weeks.

Pearl Jam - Black

and now my bitter hands cradle broken glass,
of what was everything.
all the pictures had all been washed in black, tattooed everything...
all the love gone bad, turned my world to black
tattooed all i see, all that i am, all i'll ever be...
i know someday you'll have a beautiful life, i know you'll be a star
in somebody else's sky, but why
why, why can't it be, why can't it be mine?

awesome poetry!!

Among other things, I watched Corporate - Paisa, Power and Politics. Funk and I came to this unusually rare mutual agreement that it should have been : Corporate - Sex, Sex, Sex... Sex, sex,sex and More Sex. What a way for him to depart from Oracle!!

I also feel extremely fuck'all working for an MNC whose taxes contribute to the power yeilded by those supporting the rocket that killed 35 kids while they were dreaming of another morning.

The design of the new Pulsar 220 somehow reminds me of LML Adreno. It's fake and it sucks.

I miss quake3 and final block :(.