Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blog Mania!

Was bored to death at work and hence started this exercise in blog-statistics:

On :

Keywords entered ----------- Number of results

reservation india OBC ------- 3,158
mallika sherawat ------- 6,039
blogs ban india ------- 12,658
india sex ------- 130,508
Arjun Singh ------- 7,596
terrorism ------- 868,264
terrorism in india ------- 44,177
Bin Laden ------- 280,755
viagra ------- 440,419
Mahatma Gandhi ------- 32,269
George Bush ------- 492
Angelina Jolie ------- 293,809
Shah rukh ------- 23,234
nihilism ------- 27,396
libertarianism ------- 14,924
multiple orgasm ------- 32,362
greenpeace ------- 69,020
threesome ------- 354,093
virginity ------- 172,145
9/11 ------- 868,125
Fountainhead ------- 16,782
kamasutra ------- 28,502
Sigmund Freud ------- 30,860
Sonia Gandhi ------- 12,160
Monica Lewinsky ------- 14,183
implants ------- 300,128
Picasso ------- 126,528
Communism ------- 130,811
Communalism ------- 2,471
Lesbian ------- 1,639,241
Gay ------- 10,666,095

The verdict:
Sex rules. The average blogger writes about philosophy, terrorism and Angelina Jolie quite often. The Kamasutra isn't as popular as we thought it would be. Women are highly anxious to get implants and men love it. We rather write about multiple orgasms than worry about George Bush. Picasso is the only artist most people have heard of and they write too much about him. Too many people wrote about reservations with absolutely no results. Most men prefer threesomes (with two men or women? that I don't know) and most of them rely on viagra. Global terrorism isn't only about Kashmir. Mahatma Gandhi hasn't yet been forgotton. Indians prefer writing about sex to actually doing it. There are more gays than we thought there were while others fantasize about lesbians.

PS: The above verdict is mine and mine alone. I merely want to share it with fellow bloggers and have no intention of imposing it on anyone nor does any of it have to be necessarily true. So, up yours.


Pollyanna said...

And the award for the most job person goes to......Al!

Venu said...

Um, you didnt account for spam blogs. Sex related topics get so many hits because thats what most of the spam blogs "write" about. Sort results by date instead of relevance for viagra and you'll see lots of them..

and when did you get only 492 results for george bush? :)

Venu said...

nice post, but. :)

Pollyanna said...

Do you know how to check what search word leads to your blog?

Pollyanna said...

Oh and the first comment here should read jobless.

Lalbadshah said...

1. Thanku!
2. There are several websites that can be found on google that suggest keywords. But Im not sure if there is any particular site that checks one particular blog.

@venu: Thanks da! didn't have so much time to conduct a technically correct survey. Thats why i added the disclaimer in the end ;).

Rajiv Iyer said...

hey kool excercise in killing time :P

nice blog u got here - add a regular visitor :)

Lalbadshah said...

@rajiv iyer:
Thank you! :)