Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kareena the Seductress - muskil nahin, na mumkin

Fundamental flaw:

WTF ('why' version) would Kareena unbutton her coat from the bottom??? I mean, any vamp/ vixen/ Item number dancer worth her salt knows that it's what's on top that matters and not what's inbetween!! She could as well learn from better/hotter videos.

And what's with the rubbing-soap-on-each-hand dance of hers? Ugh!!

Other than that I think Don was a pretty good timepass movie. An excellent soundtrack saves it on several occasions. A decent sense of humour is always welcome:

De-Silva: Tum mujhe yahaan CD dene aaye ho?
Don: Nahin, tumhara pyaar mujhe yahaan kheench laya!


Rajat said...

The dialogue you put was just too much. LOL. I can imagine the Khan delivering it. Heh. Have to watch it sometime.

Chandan R said...

Nice title..
Comparisions apart, i don't think she is all that bad :)