Friday, October 27, 2006

Home Alone

Yup! For the next THREE MONTHS! Absolutely alone. You would think I'm having a ball. I mean, I can get loose girls home at night, walk naked in the house, not clean the beds, skip breakfast, play loud music, late night drives, and plenty of non-saas-bahu TV. But no, it's not as easy as it sound mi amigos!

Hostel was great because even though we used to gloat about independant living, we were still a pampered lot. Food prepared at mess, cleaners coming to sweep our rooms, teachers, wardens and all that.

This is different. Try preserving milk in a non-curdly state for more than a day, living in a constant state of paranoia where you don't know which door you may have left open while you're at work, or which bill you have forgotton to pay. Apparently my dustbin doesn't just atomise the garbage and needs to be cleaned everyday. The tray collecting water below the fridge has to be cleaned regularly to avoid mosquitoes infesting your house. To top it all, when you've got to collect the rent, you know you are done for! I think the most embarrasing form of social communication exists between a tenant and the owner.

AAAARRGHHH... Damn thee, bacholer life!


Pollyanna said...

It'll be good practice for you. Who knows, you might get a wife who'll expect you to do all of this.

Tarun R said...

"I can get loose girls home at night"
Good luck with that!

The Phoenix said...

"walk naked in the house" ???!!! lol..