Monday, November 28, 2005

Series Buster!!

It was only after Shashank brought this fact to my mind, that I actually realized I was a 'Series Buster' in the true sense. The funda being that I have seen almost all the movies whose sequels have possibly been made... excluding B-grade ofcourse! So here's a list which definitely is an ego feeder to me...

All in the series of:

Harry Potter
Star Wars
Hell Raiser
James Bond (not sure I've seen all in this one... at least 9 I think)
Austin Powers
Indiana Jones
Star Trek
Friday the 13th
Evil Dead
Universal Soldier
Fast and the Furious
Karate Kid
Lara Croft - TombRaider
Dumb and Dumber
Die Hard
Lion King
Home Alone
Mission Impossible
Kill Bill
Child's Play
Ocean's 11/12
Scary Movie
Jurrasic Park
Alien (Bet you haven't seen Predator vs. Alien !!)
King Kong
Shanghai Noon
Rush Hour
The Exorcist
Hot Shots
Naked Gun
Silence of the Lambs
Before Sunset
Bourne Identity


(sure I have seen more... will keep updating this list...)

One of the best motivating lines I have ever come across in movies:
LOTR: Return of the King ::

Aragon's words to his men who are terrified when the Black Gate opens :

One of the best ever lyrics I have come across:

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kaikku... Its all about the Family - Part II (Season Finale)

... one day while they were having a family reunion in their courtyard, the skies grew dark and sudden silence crept over them. A mysterious man wearing a dark suit and goggles walks into their home, faces Koli and says, 'It is inevitible... Mr. Koli' and saying so thrusts his arm into Koli's stomach. Koli simply utters 'KAIKKU? Kaikku ba???' and slowly transforms himself into that stranger. The rest of the family watches in sheer horror as each one of them slowly undergoes the same transformation. After everyone becomes "Agent Smith", as they call themselves, they realise that they have become all powerful! Just when they are about to celebrate their newfound powers, they find out that all of their kind will be destroyed in the next minute because apparently some guy called Neo, from "Hamerika", destroyed their code which gives them all those powers. Bloody Hamericans! Anyways, they hug each other and realise how important Family is and then...... they all die.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what a Family is... You have to be in one yourself.

--------THE END-------

Friday, November 11, 2005

‘Kaikku? – Its all about family…’

This is the script of a family drama that I wish to propose to Ekkta the next time I meet her. Keeping in mind that every soap from the Balaji Production House has a regional-centric theme, this story revolves around the life of an Urdu speaking joint family residing in Bangalore. Those from Lucknow who are reading this piece must be warned that the language content may be a bit too toxic for them but for the rest who have been around for long enough in Bangalore and have found themselves at home in Russel Market will relate to it quite fine.

Since ‘ba’ is more of a colloquial term, the 65-year-old family head is called Babama instead. Babama has this habit of saying ‘Kya ba so?’ at the end of every sentence. This translated literally means ‘ What dude that?’. She is highly respected in the family, especially by her 40 yr old son Koli Chand Pasha. His blessed name means ‘Chicken Moon Pasha’ in kandu-urdu. The appellation Koli is credited to the fact that he had monopolized the entire Poultry Industry. His favorite line in all press conferences was ‘Dekho Bhai, Mai khud-ich itta bada admi banya so…. Pehle manje pehenne ku kaacha bhi nai tha’.

His loving wife ShameemBanu, who is the protagonist, simply smiles and says ‘Mai nai rhati to uno kya karte the ki’. She is the epitome of a perfect mother, wife, daughter-in law, sister-in-law, neighbour, jeth, devrani, chachi, bhabhi, etc..

Koli had two children, Chota Chand, whose name was changed to Khota Chand for astrological reasons, and Khulla Shah. Both were brilliant students from MIT (that’s Manipal… not Massachusetts ). Everything in the family seemed to perfect until one day…..

(To be continued….)