Thursday, November 24, 2005

Kaikku... Its all about the Family - Part II (Season Finale)

... one day while they were having a family reunion in their courtyard, the skies grew dark and sudden silence crept over them. A mysterious man wearing a dark suit and goggles walks into their home, faces Koli and says, 'It is inevitible... Mr. Koli' and saying so thrusts his arm into Koli's stomach. Koli simply utters 'KAIKKU? Kaikku ba???' and slowly transforms himself into that stranger. The rest of the family watches in sheer horror as each one of them slowly undergoes the same transformation. After everyone becomes "Agent Smith", as they call themselves, they realise that they have become all powerful! Just when they are about to celebrate their newfound powers, they find out that all of their kind will be destroyed in the next minute because apparently some guy called Neo, from "Hamerika", destroyed their code which gives them all those powers. Bloody Hamericans! Anyways, they hug each other and realise how important Family is and then...... they all die.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what a Family is... You have to be in one yourself.

--------THE END-------

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