Friday, June 17, 2011

Stage 2

It's surreal. This is the moment my parents have secretly been conspiring towards for the last 10 years. All those days as a 15 year old, ogling at school girls walking around and giggling at 'inter-school fests', all those dinners pulling my Reddy friend's legs about the thousand of hectares of Mango plantation dowries, all those endless discussions of 'love marriage vs arranged marriage' by a bunch of guys who hadn't managed to get a girlfriend.. all that has built up to this. It is true. Lalbadshah has finally agreed to bow down at The Altar.

In 17 days, I shall be a married man (Inshallah). And I do know, that these 17 days will be filled with people walking up to me, with a knowing look on their face and a wry smile asking 'So, how does it feel?'. It's sometimes odd. What exactly do they expect me to say? A congratulation can be answered to in simple words. But complex questions like these, in my opinion, should be reserved for one's doctor, or a shrink if you please. For everyone else, it's like a 'What's up?' for a very specific target audience. All you can give in response is a wide grin and a reminder to try and make it for the wedding.

These and many other profound thoughts, such as stage flower arrangements, occupy my mind as my life hurtles towards a new dimension. I can only be glad to have found the right companion to attempt to solve all such riddles of the universe with.

See you folks soon!


Anonymous said...

Omg! you are getting married! So how does it feel? ;)

Thumbelina said...

I ALWAYS held that you'd end up with a super pretty wife, and I stand vindicated in my belief. :D Congrats, if belated!