Wednesday, January 12, 2011


After going through some of my older blog posts, I've come to realise how much they reflected me and my general state of mind in those times. I'm not talking about moods, but rather more macro phases of my life.

I've been funnier at more laid back phases with no plans in particular to attend to. Poetic in rainier seasons. Opinionated when frustrated and outrageous when ignored. This one is a confusing phase. And it's showing: I'm writing words that I don't know and not able to write what I want to.

Take a peek back into your own blog and try to identify your phase - let me know. Do your Facebook wall posts, Orkut scraps or Tweets in the past say what you haven't written about yourself?


Chandan R said...

With 1 post in two years, I think I am going through a "Don't care" stage.

kd said...

Delete my last comment ali

I personally think, a lot of times a status msg/tagline can, represent ur state of mind,the author may do so inadvertently but how it appears to the outer world is quite amusing to know, if u DO get feedback that is.

Thumbelina said...

I just finished with the "soppy" stage.