Monday, October 04, 2010


My learnings from the last three months that I have spent in Africa and the feedback from some of my friends from college who are pursuing a career in the west, have established one thing: Indians have no established identity on a global scale. I am not saying that it's a bad thing necessarily, but the facts remain.

Who are we? We're not blacks, nor whites. We do not speak the same language. Face it, for the amount of hoolah that we guys make about 'culture' and 'tradition', we hardly know them, stand for them. We have no single stand on anything for that matter. We aren't communisits nor are we right wingers. We aren't even as neutral as the Swiss. We have no globally important contribution to science. And get over the whole 'we discovered zero', guys! That was centuries ago! We don't even have a patent for it. Pisses me off when someone shows off this trivia.

We have no great atheletes and excell at all the laziest games like snooker, chess and cricket. We go crazy about Pankaj Advani when the rest of the world doesn't give a shit about it. And I'm telling you, wait till some countries pursue snooker seriously and we'll be replaced there too, like we have been in hockey. We are neither the developed world, nor do we need foreign aid.

Ask a chinese guy what he thinks of Indians, and picture the answer he might give. There will be a lot of 'hmmm'.. or 'that depends'. Whereas we would hardly wait before yelping 'COMMIES!' or 'slit eyed' at them.. among other things. Sure, we all know they work real hard too. I'm thinking hard to figure out what is it that the world associates with us, correctly, that is. I'm not talking about snake charmers and call centre guys. Are we really relegated to the role of 'middlers'?


ASO said...

We seem to be in every damn country, no? Also, how about the "badly dressed, socially inept IT Guys" - but I guess the gults and tams would lay claim to that. Oh about "Unity in Diversity". That only sounds like a line from Delhi CWG no?

The Phoenix said...

Whats so bad about being in the middle? You make is sound like such a bad thing. Is it really necessary to be on the extremes of everything? It is true that we don't know much about the "Indian Culture" etc. but then that is problem with our generation. It does not apply to our elders and may not apply to our children.