Friday, December 12, 2008

They are a changin'

Yep. I'm late. Too much has happened at too many levels since the last time I posted anything serious and this time is not going to be different either. This is just to update you folks that I'm still live and kicking.

A lot of things are changing every instant as I stand at the threshold of being 25. Friends are getting married, others are splitting up. Careers are being built while many are still stagnating. Terror has mutated to a whole new nightmare level. Climatic conditions all over the world have reached a never seen before record. I am attempting hair growth on my head.

True. A lot has changed.

But plenty of it is still the same. The government still sucks. I still regret pursuing an MBA. Stairway to heaven sounds just as good. My mother is still hell bent on looking for a good ladki for me. Himesh Reshammiya still claims to be the best. I am still awesome.

So there. Those were the updates.

I'll leave you with a song I'm currently re-hooked to.


Thumbelina said...

Lovely song, isn't it? For once our tastes in music agree.

And how are you attempting hair regrowth? I thought baldness was forever!

Jello said...

Who is breaking up? Gossip please!!! Please tell the boys it's too early to get married. They are giving my mom ideas and that is scary!!!

To quote funk: "Growing hair? Where? heehee"

Smokin Joe said...

And well... a few other things "should" not change once u are back! ;-)