Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's 02:02:00 hours on a dark sunday morning. I'm in Lucknow sitting inside the computer center right after the Insti Party as it is called. Whew! Hadn't danced in a while, but had a blast! Not exactly inebriated but slightly high. It has been one heck of a week here. In fact, feels more like a month or so. The weather here sucks compared to Bangalore but getting used to it. Getting back to academic life hasn't been easy. Deadlines are always around the corner as you seek those elusive 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day. On the plus side, the campus simply rocks. I'm among some really smart people, so thats a good thing too.

I would be getting my laptop sometime towards the end of july after which I intend to resume regular blogging. If time permits that is.

Try not to miss me.


Mac the Knife said...

Dip your bread in Old Sport, and have an excellant time...

Rajat said...

"I'm among some really smart people,..."

At first, I thought you were bragging. Then understood that you were referring to others :P

What lappie is it?

dailyrium said...

though most of it is vague.. i distinctly remember that the insti party was awesome! :)

Safari Al said...

Can we expect some L posts?

Lalbadshah said...

@mac : Thanks mate!

@rajat: maybe i was. maybe i wasn't. :)

HP pavillion.. total entertainment PC :D

@dailyrium: Yes, I'd be surprised if you remember anything else. ;)

@safari al: Soon my friend. soon.