Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Matrix and why we need a calamity

The idea that The Matrix is real and we are all trapped by it is highly appealing to me. Not because I have a particular liking to be controlled, but because the very concept of the existence of The Matrix allows me to believe that I can escape reality as I see it. My own rabbit hole as Morpheus would like to put it.

Why? Because too many rules and restrictions to choice cause the descent of organised chaos. I like chaos that is simply just that, chaos. Purely unpredictable and unadulterated by any solid system. If there is a system, it establishes hierarchy and eliminates a level playing field. Which leads to job sites, career consultants, auditors and ministers. Eliminate the established system and lets play it according to Darwinian laws. Sure, undoubtedly another system will come into place which will also need elimination at some point. But thats the point of evolution isn't it?

And how do we eliminate the system? Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Meteor strikes, AIDS, Bloody Revolutions and Television. After all, that's what computer programs are for anyway.

Pardon the mood. Shit is happening.


Chandan said...

Cool maga.. Check out this matrix spoof

Lalbadshah said...

There is a better version with justin timberlake. Watch that.

Druid said...

hey.. even i a calamity to befall. only 'cause life will have a real purpose then, to beat it. :P

- druid