Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Running along the tracks of Saturn's rings,
I jogged from stone to stone till I leaped over
to Andromeda and back.
I stretched out while on a ride upon Haley
breathing out Aurora Borealis.
Heavy Breath. Radiating Breath.
Listening to the celestial symphony
that floats on Qausar radio waves.
Warm up.
Paused for a drink at the Great Dipper
before dashing off into a sprint
racing into the Crab Nebula
and beyond.
Timing myself. Waiting for an Event Horizon
So I could just about slip past Light.
Slip past Time herself,
Into the grave of vision.
Into the cradle of all life.
Into the Black Hole.
And back.
I lose again.

1 comment:

Vandana said...

Ok,what are Qausar radio waves? Are the scientific terms meant to make the poem deeply incomprehensible, or are you attempting SF Poetry? Innovative, to say the least. :-)