Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Birthday

Lalbadshah's Domain turns one today - 22nd Sep. Although my first post was on the 23rd, I created the blog this day. Its a day of mixed feelings. Oh heck, no feelings, Im just writing this since it seems to be a ritual to do atleast something perfunctory on these occasions.

Well, what can I say.. hmm.. I've written a lot a shit. 32( + this) posts of shit to be precise. And to say that my page has been blessed with 1467 unique hits gives an indication that some of it might not have that bad (kind of shit). Shit happens eh?

I think such occasions call for Grammy level shit like ' Yo yo yoa all you b e yutifull people!! I love ya! I love ya all ma' niggahs' ! Id like to thank ma pappy.. mah mammy.. and all my brothahs' ...'

Not good? Ok, lets get serious. Blogging is indeed an experience. If not much, it has taught me this:

1. People write so that other people read. Its all about recognition. Basic human impulse. All that crap about writing for your own pleasure is pure... shit.

2. Its really hard to impress readers out there who are already busy trying to impress-out other readers. You know, Darwin kind of shit.

3. Blog-whoring is a very popular practice. you will find comments on a post about a 10 year old's wheezing symptoms saying "Interesting post, but do visit my blog". ive done this shit a couple of times too. What, I need an audience ok?!

4. Humour is a big hit. We love shit being written about lovely people.

5. Girls are born with an extra quota of regular readers and comments.

6. Porn on blogs has its own niche audience and they love that kind of shit.

7. Not many are bothered about your tag-posts unless you are a girl. So abandon making a fool of yourself by ranting about your love for bikes and other shit.

8. Writing love-rants and shit about failed love hoping that someday, ANY girl might just sympathise with you doesn't work.

9. Writing in bullet points, like in exams, makes for good presentation.

10. Putting in a pic or two to make the post more attractive definitely increases the attention span, so here's to the woman of my dreams.


Pollyanna said...

Congratulations! Oh and get over the whole women getting more visitprs thing. Its not true, and you're only going to get a low self esteem because of believing that.

Rajat said...

Happy birthday to The Red King's domain. :-) May you have many more.

"I think such occasions call for Grammy..." - LOL

A said...

"Interesting post, but do visit my blog."

Tarun R said...

"Blog-whoring is a very popular practice."
Thanks for the tip. This is my first attempt. Hoping it works.

Indus Creep said... true.