Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Been tagged by Minnie and Ranade. Here is a list of things I’d like to say about myself..

I am a proud Saggitarian and fiercely defend the associated traits.

I hate hypocrisy though I can be a hypocrite sometimes. I guess we all are.

I can be annoyingly happy. Being perpetually cheerful is something that comes to me naturally and I wudnt change it for the world.

I do have mood swings though. Noone has probably noticed because I go sulking in some vague corner.

Im better known for my patience among friends, especially when it comes to being pushed around. But I DO lose it sometimes. Seriously. Ask my family and they’ll tell you.

I can be brutally honest with people. I simply don’t seem to know what to tell and what not to. My foot is constantly in my mouth.

I love to travel. Don’t like the trekking part of it much though. Would love to go Himalayas some day. I find myself more at home in cold temperatures.

I hate being tagged “average “ or even above average. But I am simply too lazy to fight it.

I am NOT a flirt. I just don’t see why people think that I am. Including my mother!

I believe in love and other associated sentiments but I don’t think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I can’t stand chocolaty people. I like chocolate :) .

I LOVE CHICKEN. Balls to bird flu!

Music is a must for me. I cant work/study/travel without it. I can even bear heavy metal (the music) but I can’t stand heavy metal fanatics.

I am a communist at heart. I harbor strong anti-western feelings. I hate the mall culture, though I visit multiplexes quite frequently. If confused, refer point #2. It hurts me to watch people eating corn worth Rs.4 but bought for Rs.35 just because it comes in a paper cup. I hate the fact that people visit expensive restaurants just because they are expensive and with no concern for how the food may be.

I hate it when people refuse to give alms to beggers just because they are not handicapped. If it is against your principles, do something about it.

I hate people who take credit for others’ work. I respect their talent in doing so, but I hate them.

I feel that I am duty bound to answer to people even when I have no clue about what they are asking. This might have caused me to throw a lot of crap in the past.

I am king of all that I own. I hate sharing my stuff. Very finicky about it.

I love gossip. As long as it is genuine.

I share a love-hate relationship with Ekta Kapoor soaps.

Now tagging Chand, Jeevan and Funk.


M said...

This is really good. Congratulations, and thanks for obliging!

Shakhi said...

cool blog.
I just hit it while randomly checking things out and stayed over for a while. seems like u are a true saggi.
Wish everyone wud accept their positive and negative points so openly.
carry on...