Friday, September 30, 2005


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Friday, September 23, 2005

A Day in the life of a Software Engineer..

I am employed in a company that pays me ..... well.. quite a bit per day to do the following:
Office hours : 9AM to 6PM (flexi timings apparently!)

The below mentioned account of time must be considered as cumilative.

Time Spent opening relevant windows on desktop : 30 Mins

Time spent chatting(Yahoo/MSN/Google/Others) : 120 Mins

Time spent staring blankly at the screen trying to concentrate the song playing on the headphones: 45 Mins

Time spent peeping down the corridor watching out for Manager to arrive on his rounds : 20 Mins

Time spent smiling at your Manager and using Telepathy skills for a Promotion :10Mins

Time spent thinking about other prospective jobs: 20 Mins

Time Spent Applying for those jobs: 30 Mins

Time spent checking Mail : 20 Mins

Time spent replying Mail: 10 Mins

Time Spent anticipating Mail: 5 Mins

Time spent watching out for your Cubemate who wants to read your Mail: 10 Mins

Time spent in Loo : 10 - 20 Mins (depends)

Time in Pantry : 45 Min

Lunch Time (extended version - includes a smoke or other forms of "recreation") : 90 Mins

Time spent in Elevator/ Staircase : 15 Mins

Telephone/Mobile : 30 Mins

Rest of the 60 to 90 Mins : Programming

Carpe Diem??