Monday, September 11, 2006


Was tagged by pollyanna into this:

I said : Fine, anything to oblige a pretty lady! After all this is just a post.

I am thinking about : 20 ways to get back my lost hair.

I want to : Quit my job and start robbing people.

I wish : This whole world was wiped out leaving only me and Angelina Jolie to start again.

I hear : My mother saying - 'I wish you could be more serious about life.. Do you really need to buy that car now?'

I wonder : If I should actually publish this post.

I regret : Not going for the prefect selections in school. Damn I loved those flaps they get to wear on their shoulders!! :(
FYI: Not showing off but the vice-principal blasted me for not going for the selections.

I am : 22 year old, 1/5th bald, easily bored, run-of-the-mill software engineer who speaks too much for his own good.

I hate: Being called a Techie when I'm not really one.

I dance : Real bad. Embarrasingly bad. But yes, I still do. :)

I sing : Well enough to pass the first round of Indian Idol. But simply can't match my pitch with my guru, Himesh Saheb.

I cry : When I have nothing to do. I have these periods where I can't think of what to do and then cry about it. Literally.

I am not always : Joking and dumb.

I make with my hands : My own pockets of pleasure.

I write : Here.. to grab as much attention as I can.

I confuse : Many people. My boss rates me as 'Technically Suave'! Yeah, I know. Time to start the ROTFLMAO routine.

I need : Could do with more money right now.

I Tag: De-scribe, Underground-man, Chandan and Rajatupadhyay.


Pollyanna said...

Bah. You're too good at this. And you forgot to tag someone else.

Lalbadshah said...