Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bald and not exactly beautiful

Yes. It's true. I have shaved my head. And I blame it on the escalating petrol prices.
No really! I do.

You see, increase in the petrol prices caused me to tune my bike for better mileage. This as many bikers would know, reduces the pick up and maximum speed as the bike loses torque drastically. And me, being the speed demon that I am, who could never compromise on anything less than 24kmph on my former Kinetic Pride - 73cc vario drive, ripping through Koramangala-Indiranagar ring road at blinding speeds (yes, I have touched 57 kmph) during my good old Christite days, could not take this blasphemic demotion of a Pulsar 150cc DTSi.

Hence, riding on a tremendous brainwave, I decided to introduce aerodynamics in my analysis which led me straight to the barber in front of my house. I explained the situation. He didn't ask any questions. Being an avid biker himself (TVS champ, the best that India has produced), he asked me to sit on the holy chair. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have increased my average speed by 2kmph since the last two days (did I mention the add on effect of the french beard?). Sure, I don't exactly get too many compliments. But then, neither does Rakhi Sawant. Both of us are too comfy in our state of bliss to notice any criticism. I'd like to meet her, you know. Over coffee or something like that. I'd tell her not to worry abt this cruel cruel world. That I understand. That I like what she wears with me as long as she likes what I do to her. About the pain I would give to people like Mika Singh/Hakkinen.
Sigh.. if only.